– Curly Tresses: Logo Creation: Stage 3

With my final icon design selected, I went back and made a few revisions on the font for the final logo design. I looked at various hair care logo designs and what kind of typefaces they used. I chose three fonts that had a very sleek aesthetic  about them and applied it with the icon I had previously created.

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Branding Guidelines

A brand bible or book is a document that establishes distinct guidelines on how all aspects of a company’s brand will be handled. It should establish rules for creating a unified and identifiable presence for your brand. This includes everything from the design of a logo and how it can be used, to letterhead, the look of a website, personal communications and how it all looks.

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– Reflective Summary

University has taught me that my key strengths are my confidence and ability to always learn new things. I believe this has enabled me to become more knowledgeable and confident in using Adobe design packages, in particular Adobe Photoshop.I began to learn more and more about Photoshop through my A-Levels. Studying Photography and Graphic Design at A-Levels allowed me to learn and know the importance of developing ideas from start to finish. I was able to transition this through to University. I have developed those skills further through numerous modules.