– Curly Tresses: Logo Creation: Stage 2

The 2nd part of the logo design, was the selection of the typeface used for ‘Curly Tresses’. Keeping in mind the simple and natural concept I tested out a variety of typefaces.

Logo Examples

Selected are my two favourite designs. They both have a natural approach to them and I believe will tie very well with the chosen icon for the logo.

Below is a visual of the two chosen icon designs (mentioned in my previous post), created in the default colours black and white. I then used the chosen typefaces and played around with the arrangement in different ways to see what results I would get.

Icon and Typeface Ideas

Icon and Typeface 2 Ideas

Looking at the visuals above, I definitely believe that the typeface ‘HaloHandLetter’ works well. However I still believe that the typeface needs to be re-looked at.

The icon on the left side of the design sheets is more visually exciting and the incorporation of the spirals and the wave represents the brand very well. With this being said I will be taking this design idea forward.

Next Stage: Re-visit the typeface for the logo. 


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