Branding and Promotion Project – Brief

The brief below outlines exactly what the project entails.

Title of Assignment

Curly Tresses brand bible

Module Title and Level:Major Practical Project Deadline: 02/09/2013
Student Name & Contact Email:Terena Umoetuk

Tutor for Assignment & Contact Email:Mary Ikoniadou

What Discipline is this Project:     

This project is a design project that focuses on Branding and Promotion. I will be creating a brand bible/book for a new hair care range called Curly Tresses. The brand bible will essentially explain how to properly use and communicate the message of the brand. The document will include how to appropriately use the logo right through to the personal communications and how it all looks.


Assignment Introduction and Context:     

Curly Tresses is an all natural hair care range for curly, kinky and afro hair types. Curly Tresses aim is to maintain health and moisture whilst using natural ingredients.

At present there are not so many hair care products out there that focus on the curly, kinky, afro hair type. This is where Curly Tresses aim is to  celebrate and highlight this hair texture whilst promoting healthy living and hair care.

This will be done with a conceptually strong design. The platform is to allow people to embrace their hair, informing them about hair care tips and tricks whilst encouraging them to see the beauty of their hair in a healthy productive way.

The logo design is the main element of the brand and with this I intend on creating a very simplistic yet visually exciting design that captures the essence of the brand. The choice of colours and textures used throughout the brand will also evoke and further display what Curly Tresses is all about.

The brand is based on natural living and health which again will be further looked at in the brand book as well delivered through the choice of colours and typeface etc.

Market, Client and Audience Information:     

The brand book will be for those who need to know the correct usage of the brand and how to apply it to advertising materials. It will also be used by the designers as a guide to create the company’s communications.

The primary audience will be those who would regard themselves as having curly, kinky, afro hair texture. 

Project Objectives:   

The project will enable me to gain a better understanding and knowledge into a field that I would like to work in, in the future. Through this project I will be able to demonstrate creatively how a branding book is created from start to finish. As well as this I will be able to produce a strong portfolio piece that will thoroughly reveal my creative skills.

Assignment Deliverables:     

I intend to submit:

  • Brand guidelines for Curly Tresses that will include the logo, typeface guidelines as well as the positioning of the logo. It will also explain what the brand is about giving examples of how it will look once all elements of the brand are implemented.
  • I will be documenting the process and creation of each element of the brand guidelines for Curly Tresses on my blog site:


Student declaration;

I have considered the resource implications of this project prior to submission and am confident that this brief reflects a fair and appropriate task, which can be completed given the allotted timescale and access to existing resources. I understand that once I have sent this brief and it has been approved by the tutor it will become the major practical project task that I am assessed for (using the assessment criteria in the 2008 Digital Media Validation Document). Once it has been approved the project cannot be changed.


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