– Reflective Summary

University has taught me that my key strengths are my confidence and ability to always learn new things. I believe this has enabled me to become more knowledgeable and confident in using Adobe design packages, in particular Adobe Photoshop.I began to learn more and more about Photoshop through my A-Levels. Studying Photography and Graphic Design at A-Levels allowed me to learn and know the importance of developing ideas from start to finish. I was able to transition this through to University. I have developed those skills further through numerous modules.
I have a thirst for learning new things in the field I would like to pursue after my degree and feel that the opportunities that will arise once I have graduated will enable me to take these steps. I will continue to further widen my knowledge in advertising by applying for numerous internships and work placements. I was initially looking for a graduate scheme in the graphic design sector, but came to the conclusion that since I knew what avenue I wanted to go down in Graphic Design I would solely focus my attention on that.
Something that University has taught me, is working to a live brief.  This has paved the way for the ‘real world’ where the live briefs will give me a clear indication of how I go about dealing with clients and their opinions and feedback.
In the next year I intend on having a secure job in the creative advertising field. I would like to work my way up from there to become the head creative in a top design agency or even possibly running my own design firm. For me to be able to reach this potential, I will need to continuously carry out a personal S.W.O.T analysis and review over any weaknesses and threats that may be hindering me.

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