– S.W.O.T Analysis

The S.W.O.T analysis outlines my key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that I face at the moment. The aim by the end of the year is to have seen an improvement.

  1. I am a creative student.
  2. I’m always willing to learn new things and find out more about my industry.
  3. Generating ideas for a live brief is something I am strong in.
  4. I’m strong minded and have a clear vision of my future goals, plans and aspirations.
  5. I have deepened my knowledge in Adobe Photoshop greatly from A-Levels right through till University.
  1. When under pressure I tend to become overwhelmed and allow assignments to pile up.
  2. Presenting and public speaking is something that I don’t enjoy doing.
  3. I find it hard at times to explain my design ideas to other people.
  1. Now that I have finished my University degree,I will be able to apply for jobs in my field using the knowledge I have adopted through the years.
  2. The work experience and freelance work I have done, allows me to stay ahead in my field in terms of experience.
  3. There are many paid placements and internships as a Junior Designer which I can apply for and gain further knowledge and develop those skills I have been taught.

As a result of performing this analysis, I aim to improve on my weaknesses by the end of the year. To be able to improve on these weaknesses I will need to focus on the opportunities that will arise after University.

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