– Research: Facts and Figures

Before I began my research I looked at the results from my survey again and decided that I was going to focus my research according to the results that I gathered. The majority of the people who filled out the questionnaire said that they had never purchased a greeting card for somebody who had passed their driving test. This immediately gave me the idea to create a series of greeting cards for that occasion.

However before I began to look at design ideas, I looked a little into facts and figures of the greeting card industry to gain better understanding as well as developing a niche in the market for my idea.

– The average retail price (ARP) of a card is now £1.44, up from £1.39

– 85% of all cards are bought by women

– Charities estimate that £50m is raised for good causes through the sales of charity Christmas cards each year.

source: http://www.greetingcardassociation.org.uk/info-resource/market-info/facts-and-figures

I also came across a very interesting fact regarding the sales of certain greeting cards in America.

– The most popular Seasonal cards are Christmas cards, with some 1.6 billion units purchased (including boxed cards). This is followed by cards for Valentine’s Day (145 million units, not including classroom valentines), Mother’s Day (133 million units), Father’s Day (90 million units), Graduation (67 million units), Easter (57 million units), Halloween (21 million units), Thanksgiving (15 million units) and St. Patrick’s Day (7 million units).

source: http://www.greetingcard.org/AbouttheIndustry/tabid/58/Default.aspx

After reading up on the facts and figures I decided that I will continue with the idea of creating greeting cards for graduation. Graduation greeting cards are not as popular in the U.K. so I believe I have a specific niche in the market that I can tap into.


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