– Mixed Media Fashion: Further Research

Following on from my research, I decided to explore further into fashion mixed media, as this is one of the styles and techniques I will be using to create my campaign for eBay Fashion Outlet. The style of work immediately caught my attention when I initially began to conduct research in it. It is also something that can be used to create a fashion advertising campaign that will steer away from the conventional ones the public are used to seeing.

Mixed media is any artwork that uses a variety of medias and materials in a single piece. This can be colouring pencils, biro pens, felt pens, paper cutouts, oil pastels, water-colour paints etc.

Continuing from the previous posts I came across a few more designers that work  with a variety of medias to create mixed media fashion artwork. These pieces gave me a little more inspiration into where I would like to go with my own campaign.

I came across a British artist and illustrator called Erin Petson. ‘Erin loves to design bespoke pieces for the modern women, her work captures the essence of fashion and femininity bringing an interior to life.’

Erin Petson 1 Erin Petson 2 Erin Petson 3 Erin Petson 4 Erin Petson 5

Robert Tirado work immediately caught my attention whilst doing further research. His characterized style is by mixing a variety of medias inspired by female beauty, fashion and photography which is supported by the geometry, art and music. His use of digital and manual techniques combined make his work very eye-catching and pleasing to the eye.

Robert Tirado 1 Robert Tirado 2 Robert Tirado 3 Robert Tirado 4 Robert Tirado 5 Robert Tirado 6 Robert Tirado 7

Looking at the research I have undergone and the collected ideas and inspirations, I will create my initial design ideas. These design concepts will be for the first advertising campaign for the eBay fashion outlet in a mixed media style/technique.


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