– YCN: UK Greetings

To enable me to decide on the brief I wanted to go for, I first browsed the different student design award websites to see what they had to offer. My initial thought was to take up the brief on the D&AD website that was a campaign for Ted Baker. However, I felt that I wanted to create something that I had not done before and was challenging to what I already do. I then was immediately drawn to the competition brief on the YCN website that was to create greeting cards.

You must design at least 4 cards. These will include:

  • Front page designs.
  • Designs for the inside of the cards (this may or may not include an insert).
  • A range name and logo to be printed on the back page.
  • Remember to think about the envelope colour or design.
  • Suggested card sizes – 159mm x 159mm, 121mm x 184mm, 137mm x 159mm, 110mm x 210mm but don’t let that restrict you.
  • Add 3mm bleed to all artwork supplied.


Looking at this brief I was excited to see what I could create and where I would go with it.

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