– Unconventional Fashion Advertising

Question: What is the importance of unconventional advertising?
Answer: What is important about unconventional advertising is the ability to break out of a mold that may have caused awareness of your company to diminish in the potential consumer’s eye. It can allow you to engage your audience in a new and more memorable fashion.’

Following on from the previous post, I looked into unconventional fashion advertising campaigns. This research will enable me to find out what has already been created and how the idea was generated for the brand. I will be able to see how the use of non traditional methods are used to create an advertising campaign for a fashion brand.

I started off this research by looking at a brand called Eleven Paris. Eleven Paris is an underground urban street fashion brand based in the trendiest districts of Paris. Their mission is to ‘rockalize’ the world, to make it more fun to live in. Their brand slogan is ‘Life is a Joke,’ which summarizes what the brand is about. Their seasonal campaigns really illustrate this.

Eleven Paris 1 Eleven Paris 2 Eleven Paris 3 Eleven Paris 4 Eleven Paris 5 Eleven Paris 6 Eleven Paris 7

The print advertising campaigns Eleven Paris create really explain to the audience what the brand is about. The rock and roll but still fun and quirky feel can definitely be seen. Still promoting the label and what it sells but primarily focusing on the intended target audience is something that I will also explore further.

Another fashion brand called Edun used a similar approach in their Spring/ Summer 2012 advertising campaign. The campaign titled ‘Beautiful Rebels,’ features six species of butterflies, all indigenous to Africa which captures the essence of the brand which is about duality and transformation.

Edun 1 Edun 2 Edun 3

Edun 5 Edun 6 Edun 7 Edun 8

The approach to this advertising campaign is striking and eye-catching, It really creates a story for the audience. Again this advertising campaign isn’t the ‘typical’ fashion campaign, but focuses solely on bringing forth what the brand stands for and represents.

I will continue to look into unconventional fashion advertising campaigns and the different approaches and techniques used to create a successful campaigns.


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