– Fashion Advertising

‘Fashion advertising is a branch within the advertising field which focuses on creating promotions for the fashion industry.’


The main aim of fashion advertising is to get the audience to purchase item(s) that they are going to wear. This in turn means the advertisers need to make the advertisement more enticing for the consumers and relay the message intended to the audience intended.

Below are fashion advertising campaigns that integrate a creative flare, which make them stand out in a visually exciting way.

Campaign: Box Models:

Agency: Jung von Matt

Client: Vogele Shoes

Location: Switzerland


This advertising campaign, really caught my attention because of the intricate elements used to create the overall look. The combination of illustration, photography and photo manipulation makes this campaign an overall success. The advertisements give the audience an insight into what kind of person wears the shoes being advertised. You can see a variety of emotions and poses that all add to what the audience is feeling. I feel this advertisement campaign has that creative approach to it that makes it different from a ‘regular’ shoe advertisement campaign.

Campaign: Any Road Is A Runway

Agency: La Sociedad

Client: Impuls Shoes and Clothing

Location: Mexico

Any Road is A Runway 1Any Road is A Runway 3Any Road is A Runway 4Any Road is A Runway 2

This advertisement campaign is for a company that sells shoes and clothing, however the advertisement does not evoke that. Instead the advertisement uses the catchy phrase ‘Any road is a runway’ to advertise the brand. The advertisement appears to promote what the brand can offer to their audience and how it makes the audience feel. This is a very tactful approach to a fashion advertisement which I believe works well.

Campaign: Killer Jeans Statue

Agency: Grey

Client: Killer Jeans

Location: India

Killer Jeans Statue 2Killer Jeans Statue 3Killer Jeans Statue 1

Campaign: My World My Way

Agency: Ogilvy

Client: Allen Solly

Location: India

My World My Way 4 My World My Way 3 My World My Way 1 My World My Way 2My World My Way 7 My World My Way 5 My World My Way 8 My World My Way 6

Campaign: Create Your AdiColor

Agency: TBWA

Client: Adidas

Location: Spain

Create Your Adicolor 1Create Your Adicolor 2Create Your Adicolor 3

Campaign: Expose Yourself

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Client: Ramorama

Location: Brazil

Expose Yourself 2 Expose Yourself 1
all images taken from http://www.creativeadawards.com/

The campaigns that use a mixture of illustration and photography really draw my attention and focus. I will look  further into these types of fashion campaigns as well as investigating more into creative and quirky campaigns that really grab my attention. I will then have a vast amount of research that will enable me to formulate my brief accordingly.


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