– Change of Plan + Existing Ad Campaigns

I presented my idea and design brief for critical feedback as well as finding out what I should do next. It was suggested to me that I have a look over my initial idea and try to create an advertisement that was almost quirky, exciting and somewhat ‘out of my comfort zone’. I needed to look and research more thoroughly into advertising agencies and see what kind of advertising campaigns they create.

To  generate ideas for a new and exciting campaign, I went through a list of advertising agencies and selected those I was immediately drawn to. I also selected a few examples of their work that I found visually exciting.


John Lewis – Through The Ages

TV Ad:

Print Ad Campaign:

In particular this would have to be my favourite ad campaign. I enjoy the way the TV commercial uses the element of music to portray the message to their audience. The commercial is making itself known to their audience as well as potential audiences that the brand has always been here and will always be here. The campaign is solely based on technology and it is done in a clever yet effective way, again through the use of music.

Legas Delaney:

Waterstones – Print Ad Campaign:


Wieden + Kennedy:

Nike: My Time Is Now – TV ad

Arla Foods: Be Wonderful and Wise – TV ad

Nokia: Ovi – Tv Ad


Legoland: Lego Star Wars Miniland Experience – Print Ad Campaign



Great Westerner: First Great Western


IRN-BRU Sugar Free: Totally Obvious – TV and Print ad



Food Should Taste Good: Follow The Flavors Campaign – Facebook-focused campaign alongside a blog.


Looking at these campaigns, I gained a lot of inspiration and ideas for my own campaign. I knew that I needed to be more adventurous and somewhat daring with my own project. I will further continue to research into existing campaigns – print, tv and digital to gain more ideas and in turn formulate a new design brief.

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