– Research Poster Design

With the content of my research poster finalized  I began to focus my attention on designing the poster. I wanted the design to be able to relate to my research question without over powering and taking away the attention to much.

My initial design idea:

The initial design was to create a research poster that had one main image as the focus and the content situated around it. Almost similar to an advertisement on a billboard/poster. This simple but effective approach I tried to undergo, was successful, however the image I used took away from the whole essence of the poster. I decided to change the main image and the layout structure to something more suitable.


I changed the main image on the research poster to something that I believed tied in well. I also arranged the content on the research poster to something that was catchy but still was easy to read and was not over powering for the audience.

I also added an extra image that I believed was relevant and again did not draw the attention away from the main image.

The overall research poster had a plain design idea about it, which fed across to the audience the relevant information needed.


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