– Research Poster: Initial Design

To begin the process of creating my research poster I used a template structure that I found whilst researching into what a research poster is all about. I mimicked the colours and basic layout just  to initially incorporate my content in, and then in due time work on the design and how I can relate it to my chosen research proposal.


I kept a basic structure and headings for my research poster so that it is easy to understand without to much hassle and could be recognized quickly and efficiently.


– Summarizes your research project

– Brief information on your objectives, hypothesis, methodology data and conclusions.

In this section I gave a brief introduction as to what my research project is about, as well as the main research question I am going to be investigating.

Literature Review:

– Comprehensive review of existing literature on your topic and closely related topics.

– Informed critical analysis

– Identify areas of controversy withing the chosen literature

– Formulate further research questions for research.

In this segment I gave an overview of the main literature that I came across during my research that was not exactly what I will be investigating in, however it was closely related and had very useful information.


Research Questions:

– Clear, focused, arguable and concise questions.

– Research questions help focus your research by providing a path through the research and writing process.

My research questions were questions that needed to be answered in order to find out my main proposal question.


– How are you going to carry out your research? Books, Journals, Surveys, Website Links, Videos etc

– Quantitative: for example, measuring the number of time someones does something under certain conditions.

– Qualitative: for example, asking people how they feel about a certain situation.

Again this portion of my research poster, was quite detailed in exactly what materials I was going to use to undergo my research.


Date and Analysis:

– Describe clearly the assumptions you have made analyzing the data.

I left this part of my research poster blank as I was still struggling to understand what information was needed. After my critique on my initial design poster, I will be able to understand in more depth what exactly I need to do.


Before the final research poster is handed in, I will give my initial design poster in for a quick evaluation and critique. I will be able to identify what exactly needs expansion and improvement as well as gain a better understanding for the data and analysis segment of my poster.

I will also be re-designing the layout design to make it more relevant to my research proposal topic and include detailed and relevant images.


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