– Research Poster Feedback

I received constructive feedback and amendment suggestions that would overall improve my research poster.


– Spelling Errors

– Include any form of graphic/images that is relevant towards your chosen research question

– All the books and other medias I am going to use for my research question should be situated in my Literature Review segment

– Arranging and order information appropriately 

– Needs to be more appealing and enticing to the eye

– A little more development is needed to allow it to be more of a success

I then went on to develop my research poster further, firstly working on the content. I used the same headings as before but went into more depth and gave a more detailed explanation of each.


With such an ever growing diverse culture, how do advertisers target all types of people? Different forms of advertising such as niche have the ability to achieve this. Niche marketing targets a certain market and their advertising towards them. Advertisements can be seen that feature the exact same layout, but have different coloured models in order to target different audiences. There has been much controversy regarding these techniques and methods used by advertisers, that can seem somewhat offensive and in some instances racist. Is this form of advertising technique a good mechanism and is simply just misinterpreted? The aim of my study is to find out whether modern advertising uses racial ideals to target their specific audience.

Research Questions:

– What is modern advertising?

– What are advertising campaigns?

– What is niche marketing?

– What are the risks and benefits of niche marketing?

– What examples are there of prejudice and discrimination in advertising?

– What is discrimination?

– What is prejudice?

– What is racial segmentation in advertising?

– What is racial demographics in advertising?

– How do consumers feel about racism in advertising?

– How does print advertisements use racial stereotypes to sell products?

– How do these images influence their consumers?

Literature Review:

A research discussion proposed by Courtney Lewis in December 12 2012, explores the use of racial effects on advertising. This literature investigates how audience segmentation within advertising, in particular race, can somewhat be beneficial to advertisers in the fact that the audience can relate to the advertising campaign more if the actors being presented to them are of the same race. The research carries out survey’s, and studies the use of self-identity within advertising and how it effects consumers perceptions. It then proposes a research question that tries to find out, “For women between the ages of 18-40, controlling for gender and race, what is the relationship between attitudes towards advertisements and race?” What this study focuses on, is whether race is an important factor when deciding to purchase a product. I will be using a multiple of mediums to carry out my research.


– Racism, Sexism and the Media: The Rise of Class Communication in Multicultural America (Third Edition).

– Provocateur: Images of Women and Minorities in Advertising by Anthony Joseph Paul Cortese

– Niche Envy: Marketing Discrimination in the Digital Age by Joseph Turow


– The Effects of Actors’ Race in Commercial Advertising: Review and Extension by Tommy E Whittler

Websites: I will be using a variety of websites that look into the use of racism in past advertising as well as modern advertising. For my research I will be using websites that explore and discuss racism in advertising, from its early uses right through to modern advertising. The websites will also discuss consumer’s opinions and views towards audience segmentation and whether or not racial segmentation in advertising is just simply a marketing strategy or goes beyond.


The focus of my study is to research and investigate into racial effects in advertising through the use of niche marketing and racial segmentation. I aim to find this information out through a variety of medias such as; books, journals, library resources, videos and the internet. My research will be mainly focused on a specific literature that looks into the effects of race on advertising. The literature looks at a variety of cases where niche marketing is solely focused on race and how this affects consumers opinions and viewpoints. I will also be using a variety of websites that investigates into recent advertisement campaigns, which appear to have some form of racist notion about it. The Self Identity Theory and Identification Theory will be the two main theories I will examine and make reference to in my research. These theories will help me explain and evaluate the use of niche marketing and self-identity.

Data and Analysis:

My data collection will comprise of two main researches: – Survey: I will assign subjects to two groups. One group will be presented with multiple images of print advertisement that inherently displays racial discrimination. The subjects in this group will then complete a survey. The other group does not see any of the advertisements, but completes the same survey.

To analyse the results I will collect specific demographic information, which will examine and give evidence towards my research question. As well as this, I will propose a hypothesis for my data collection.

– Existing data: Corliss L. Green undergoes a study in which Green looked at strong ethnic identifier vs. weak ethnic identifier, racially targeted vs. non-targeted media, and then used layouts containing either a black model, white model, black-dominant integration, or white-dominant integration. Two products were tested: make-up foundation and perfume. Make-up foundation is a product that is chosen largely based on race because of racial skin tones. However, perfume is a product that all women use, regardless of race, and race does not factor into the decision. The analysis of this data will further enable me to gain a clear understanding and find out more of how racial segmentation in niche marketing can also be seen as a mechanism for racial stereotypes.

I then went into the creation of my research poster.


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