– Research Posters

As part of our assignment we have to create a research poster that clearly illustrates through the use of text and images what our dissertation proposal is.

What Is A Research Poster?

‘Research posters summarize information or research concisely and attractively to help publicise it and generate discussion.’  (http://poly.libguides.com/posters)

A good research poster has clear and straight to the point text. The use of bullet points, numbering and headings make it easy to read and understand. Graphics, colour and fonts are used in an appropriate and effective manner, with a consistent clean layout.

Examples Of Research Posters:




I will be able to construct an initial research poster that clearly states what I am going to do, how i will go about it and the methods I will use to conduct my findings. My research poster should be concise and clear enough for people to understand what my dissertation proposal is, without any prior background knowledge. I will be using the handout, The Process of Writing Your Dissertation, as a general guideline as to what headings and information I will need to include in my research poster.


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