– Constructing A Design Brief

Now with a little more understanding and knowledge of what advertising really is about, I began to focus my attention on creating the design brief for my project.

It was advised that I construct a strong design brief that highlighted exactly what I was going to do and how. An initial design brief template was given to us as guidelines to follow. I also decided to embark on researching a little further into design briefs and how they are formed.

What Is A Design Brief?

It is a key project planning document that specifies what the project has to achieve, by what means and within what time frame.


Below are the basic parts needed to create a successful design brief:

Context: Describe the project idea here. Is the project a re-brand? re-design? What’s the idea of the project? What’s the goal? etc

– Schedule: Consultation (research and strategy), Creation (concept and design development), Production (artwork and procurement) and Delivery (end result)

– Target Audience: Who are you creating this for? Who is the client? Who is the audience? Who are your clients trying to reach?

– Objectives: What do you want to achieve at the end?

I will be using these key factors to create my design brief for my proposed project.


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