– What Is Advertising?

To embark on my research, I decided to find out the fundamental question, “What Is Advertising?”

This is a crucial key question that needs to be understood well to be able to carry out my research and know exactly how and where I am going with the project.

Advertising is a form of communication used to entice consumers into taking action into services or products. It can also be used as a media to change the opinions of their audience.

In its simplest terms, Advertising:

– Identifies a current problem/opportunity for the product, service or corporate brand

– Identifies the customers who can best solve/create that problem/opportunity

– Creates the most relevant and distinctive way of communication to them in creative and media terms


The invention of the printing press in the 1440s had a big effect on advertising. Flyers and posters could be made very cheaply and by 1600 newspaper ads were common.


There are many reasons for advertising as it helps increase the sales of products or services. It also introduces new products or services to the consumers which in return creates as well as maintains a brand identity

Advertisements can be placed in a variety of medias such as;

Print Advertising: Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures and Flyers.

Outdoor Advertising: Billboards, Posters and Events. The most commonly known form of outdoor advertising is billboards and posters. Organizing events or sponsoring them, make a very useful platform for advertising. Trade fairs, exhibitions, networking events are all forms of which a company can use to advertise their products or services to a vast amount of people.

Broadcast Advertising: Internet, Social media, Television and Radio. The cost of television adverts greatly depends on the length of the advertisement, the time of when it will be aired and finally the channel. Radio jingles are again another means of attracting an audience. Since the development of the internet particularly the social media sector, social networking sites such as; Twitter and Facebook are now making it easier for companies to target their ads accordingly.

– Surrogate Advertising: Advertising indirectly.

– Public Service Advertising: Advertising for social causes.

– Celebrity Advertising: Is the use of a famous person’s image to sell a product or a particular service.

I now have a firm basic understanding of what advertising is all about and with this information I can move onto the next part of my research.

Discussed in my previous tutorial meeting, I wanted design a video commercial alongside an ad campaign for a product for my Major Practical Project. Now knowing that there are many different advertising sectors, I will marrow my focus and research into the specific categories I will be working in. This will be mainly broadcast and outdoor advertising.

I will need to further my understanding and knowledge of these two different advertising medias. To go about this I will again research using books as well as the Internet. Being able to understand thoroughly what exactly I will creating will enable me to accurately understand my project.

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