– CV Examples

To get started designing my own CV, I firstly took to the Internet and gathered various Graphic Design CV examples. This was just to form and generate ideas for my own design.





Looking at the various CV examples I collated, there were many design elements that I particularly liked and wanted to implement in my own . The main content throughout each of the different CV examples, were very much the same and definitely highlighted the most important information that needed to be shown to the employer.


– Bio

– Education

– Achievements

– Hobbies

– Software Skills

– Experience

– References

A key feature that I noticed amongst the CV examples, is that the information provided is very concise and straight to the point. Again this is a key element that needs to be focused on to make my own successful CV.

Overall my favourite CV templates are #2 and #4. I like the simple concept which they both use, but still have the relevant information needed for a CV. They also have a very simplistic design about it which works very well and something that I will definitely try to incorporate in my own design. In terms of the colours they use, it doesn’t overpower the design and is very legible for the employer which is again is a key element.


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