– Project Ideas

I had my first tutorial meeting to discuss my initial proposal for my Major Practical Project. I came up with the idea to create an advertising commercial for a fashion brand as well as an advertising campaign to run alongside it.

The idea for my project was based on the fact that I wanted to research and investigate a lot more into a field that I am particularly interested in and would hopefully one day be working in.

I was advised in my tutorial meeting, to research thoroughly into what are advertising agencies, how they operate as well as what is an advertising campaign. There were also various questions I needed to answer concerning my proposal for it to be successful.

– What is the product I will be advertising?

– Where will the video commercial be seen?

– Will be re-branding and advertising an existing product?

– Who/what is the current competition?

– Are there any alternatives?

– Where will my video commercial play?

– Where will the print campaign run? Fashion magazine? Newspaper? Billboards? Train stations? etc

With this all in mind, the first stages of my project would be for me research greatly into advertising agencies and what they are about. Various books as well as internet searches would provide the information I require.

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