– Embarking on Research

Three types of research:

– Gathering data in a strictly organised manner. The key factor here is a structured investigation , exploration or discovery.

– Testing an idea or hypothesis to see the evidence you have collected supports it or not.

– Engaging in planned or unplanned interactions or interventions in parts of the real world and reporting what they mean. Action research or field trials.

Below are a few basic rules of research that I will use whilst investigating into my chosen question for my dissertation.

– Keep it simple

– Don’t try and do too much

– Be patient

– Planning is crucial: Time management is crucial


Implementing the basic rules of research will enable me to gather the most important and relevant results needed to be able to answer the question intended for my dissertation. Before undergoing any form of research for my dissertation, I will need to formulate a clear question that I am going to investigate. The question could be an interest or something I intend on doing in my future career, this will ensure the research I undergo will be something that I will enjoy and somewhat entertain me.


At this point in time I do not have a clear, concrete topic in which I am going to research about, however I have a few ideas that I could possibly look into and then further narrow it down. To generate ideas, I created a brainstorm of words that related to what I wanted to do in my future career. I believe doing this would help me formulate a possible research question for my dissertation.

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