– My Name Is Terena Umoetuk And I Am A Graphic Designer.

Who Are You And Who Do You Want To Be?

In this introduction lecture to Design Practice 2 we mainly focused on how to ‘sell’ yourself and what you as a designer are all about. To get us started we were given a task where we were grouped together in pairs and then given a job website to look at and find a job. We had to analyse the job description and then find out what they were looking forunder the following headings; Characteristics, Qualifications, Skills and Experience. Below is what myself and my partner came up with.

Name: Junior Graphic Designer


  • Hard working
  • Determined
  • Organised
  • Independent
  • Creative
  • Team worker


  • Digital Design/Graphic Design related course


  • Technical knowledge
  • Typographic and Proof reading
  • Organisational skills


  • Industry experience (non graduate)

Link: http://www.jobstoday.co.uk/job/junior-graphic-designer-944138439?src=search

By dissecting what the job role entails, you can see what the employer is looking for and almost mould yourself to suit this.

Using the above words as well as others generated from the class, we created an elevator pitch which had to be short and have a hook. At first I was uneasy with this task as I had not really needed to pitch myself or my work in any way before, but nonetheless the task really pin pointed what needed to be worked on.


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