– What Is Advertising?

To embark on my research, I decided to find out the fundamental question, “What Is Advertising?”

This is a crucial key question that needs to be understood well to be able to carry out my research and know exactly how and where I am going with the project.

Advertising is a form of communication used to entice consumers into taking action into services or products. It can also be used as a media to change the opinions of their audience.

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– Embarking on Research

Three types of research:

– Gathering data in a strictly organised manner. The key factor here is a structured investigation , exploration or discovery.

– Testing an idea or hypothesis to see the evidence you have collected supports it or not.

– Engaging in planned or unplanned interactions or interventions in parts of the real world and reporting what they mean. Action research or field trials.

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– My Name Is Terena Umoetuk And I Am A Graphic Designer.

Who Are You And Who Do You Want To Be?

In this introduction lecture to Design Practice 2 we mainly focused on how to ‘sell’ yourself and what you as a designer are all about. To get us started we were given a task where we were grouped together in pairs and then given a job website to look at and find a job. We had to analyse the job description and then find out what they were looking forunder the following headings; Characteristics, Qualifications, Skills and Experience. Below is what myself and my partner came up with.

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