– Evaluation

I believe that my Art Piece 1 & 2 was a success despite the obstacles that I came across with my second piece. I learnt a lot about background removals and believe that my use of the pen tool has greatly improved over time.

My first art piece was inspired by Gregory Crewdson’s work. Even though his work is photography, certain elements I wanted to capture using manipulation techniques. The obscure sinister effect is something which I wanted to show through my own piece. I decided to go with a simple but effective piece, as I didnt want to over power it with different stock images, which would have made it confusing and very busy. I didnt find cutting out the stock images challenging as I felt that the lectures prior to me starting my piece helped me become more confident in using the tool.

My second piece was very different from what I had initially started off with. It was more of a success and the overcrowded look that I initally had definitely made me more aware that sometimes less is more. I could have improved on this piece a little bit more such as tweaking the overall colour image and possibly adding a few more ‘floating figures’ here and there to illustrate a lot more what is happening.

Overall I was pleased with both art pieces and will definitely look into creating more surreal like landscapes.