– Evaluation

My ad campaign was an overall success and I felt that it really appealed to my target audience.

The planning and preparation for this assignment was the key foundation for my success of the final outcome. I under went a lot of research and visual planning into what I wanted my ad campaign to look like.

I had to first start off with a clothing label name and a logo that really represented what I was trying to accomplish. This also had to meet the criteria for my target audience. I felt that keeping in mind my target audience allowed to achieve this aspect of the assignment well.

I came up with the name Freedom after a lot of planning and evaluating. I also asked many people what they thought of fashion and what it meant to them individually. The responses i received allowed me to come up with the name Freedom. To further find out whether or not this name was appropriate I asked a variety of people on their thoughts about it. The feedback was positive and allowed me to take forward the name and move onto designing the logo.

The logo design concept was simple, as I didn’t want to over complicate things and wanted to make sure it was legible in different formats and colours. I decided to stick with black and white as the colours can be read from all angles and distances also it was in line with what I was trying to achieve, by keeping it simple but still current.

After the finishing touches on the logo was completed, I then went onto the main project of the assignment which was the ad campaign itself. I had to undergo a lot of research to enable the end result looking professional. A lot of my research was visual which made it easier for me to give a critical analysis on my findings and also take things which I felt worked well and combining it into my own experiment. My own experiments helped me a lot through the process, as I was able to give myself a critique on worked well and what didn’t. This also enabled me to develop on a few skills and in turn produce a professional ad campaign.

The hardest part of this assignment was organizing the photo shoots with the models and finding outfits that worked well. After much help with a stylist I was able to produce images that I was pleased with.

Overall I felt that this assignment challenged me a lot more than I expected and would be something that I would like to develop on further.

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