– Evaluation

I was very pleased with my final 2 images for this 2nd assignment and felt that the techniques that I had obtained and developed, I will definitely further exercise them to my full potential.

The first image I created was something that I have never done before, however with the various lectures and tutorials (on surreal psd) I was able to execute this really well which resulted in my final image. The pen tool was something that I have had previous experience with prior starting the course, however I feel that through the different workshops I was able to develop this skill a lot more.

I enjoyed creating the vexel/vector image as I challenged myself into creating something that wasn’t my normal work. This enabled me to gather a lot of research and further investigate on how I could go about creating the piece. I did struggle with the piece, especially when it came to creating the hair. This was overcome by using another technique which was suggested to me by my lecturer in the final critique we had before submission.

My 2nd image was also a theme that I had never tried out before but felt confident that I could execute it really well. I decided to attempt a sci-fi digital manipulation theme but keep it very simple and minimalistic. I believe that the simplicity of the piece made it more of a success. The framing and positioning of the stock images also worked well together.

I would say that there is a significant development in my Photoshop skills that has enabled me to create my final images to a very good professional quality. I have enjoyed the course as I will be able to use and further continue developing the skills I have obtained, and somebody use them for my  future career.


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