– Evaluation

My ad campaign was an overall success and I felt that it really appealed to my target audience.

The planning and preparation for this assignment was the key foundation for my success of the final outcome. I under went a lot of research and visual planning into what I wanted my ad campaign to look like.

I had to first start off with a clothing label name and a logo that really represented what I was trying to accomplish. This also had to meet the criteria for my target audience. I felt that keeping in mind my target audience allowed to achieve this aspect of the assignment well.

I came up with the name Freedom after a lot of planning and evaluating. I also asked many people what they thought of fashion and what it meant to them individually. The responses i received allowed me to come up with the name Freedom. To further find out whether or not this name was appropriate I asked a variety of people on their thoughts about it. The feedback was positive and allowed me to take forward the name and move onto designing the logo.

The logo design concept was simple, as I didn’t want to over complicate things and wanted to make sure it was legible in different formats and colours. I decided to stick with black and white as the colours can be read from all angles and distances also it was in line with what I was trying to achieve, by keeping it simple but still current.

After the finishing touches on the logo was completed, I then went onto the main project of the assignment which was the ad campaign itself. I had to undergo a lot of research to enable the end result looking professional. A lot of my research was visual which made it easier for me to give a critical analysis on my findings and also take things which I felt worked well and combining it into my own experiment. My own experiments helped me a lot through the process, as I was able to give myself a critique on worked well and what didn’t. This also enabled me to develop on a few skills and in turn produce a professional ad campaign.

The hardest part of this assignment was organizing the photo shoots with the models and finding outfits that worked well. After much help with a stylist I was able to produce images that I was pleased with.

Overall I felt that this assignment challenged me a lot more than I expected and would be something that I would like to develop on further.


– Evaluation

The overall re-design of the magazine was a success and I believe I fulfilled the brief.

I initially wanted to keep the same target audience for the magazine but re-create the structure, layout and design of it to appeal more to the current target audience, as well as making it more user friendly and easier to read.

Whilst choosing a magazine to re-create I referred back to the brief many times and wanted to go for a magazine that I had no prior knowledge of. My first thoughts was to re-create a magazine that was about cooking or baking but I felt that this wasn’t as much of a challenge, so I decided to go for ‘Classic Bus’. This definitely stood out to me in the wrong way as the magazine cover was not appealing as it was very bland and dark. I was pleased with my choice and began to research into cover designs and ways in which I could improve the cover without moving away from the audience.

I began to research into the different layouts and designs covers which I felt were successful; in terms of the way it was appealing and how it attracted the target audience. Using the research I had found I began to create a few sketches for my own designs. I created the 3 different cover designs in Adobe Photoshop as I felt this would be able to produce the best cover designs to my ability. I also chose to use this software programme as I was still unsure of how to use InDesign which was something I needed to develop on.

I was able to develop on my InDesign skills through the various lectures that enabled me to create various spreads and pages as practice and to understand the basic functions of InDesign. Using the tips and tricks from the lectures as well as further research from various websites and tutorial videos I was able to start creating the magazine.

The contents page had a very basic approach to it which I believe was executed well once printed to its correct size. The layout was simple in the fact that the main information was printed in bold and the summary of that page was situated directly underneath that. A small section of an image from that page was also used in the contents page with the page number placed on top of it. I decided to go for a simple approach as the original contents page was very cluttered and confusing to read.

I found the creation of the news section very challenging. I created my news section in form of a bulletin, as the information which was in the original magazine simply had information of upcoming events which I believed would have looked more presentable and appealing in a bulletin style. What I found challenging was the organisation of the text and trying not to over-do the design with many different typeface formats. I also had to make each box was the same size as well as the curving on each box. This had to be consistent and equal throughout.

Once I was able to understand how I was going to go about creating each section of the magazine the process became easier. I was also becoming more comfortable using InDesign and was able to use many of the functions quite efficiently. The next re-creation was the short feature which was a Q&A section. I decided to keep this section very clean-cut and easy to read. There was not a lot of images but instead a very clear design layout which lacked in the original design. The colour theme for this section was very much the same in the original design however I eliminated many other colours and used 2 typefaces in the whole design which further added to the consistent sleek design look.

The long feature was inspired by the research I had down prior to creating it. The colour choice was also inspired from the original design but tweaked a little to make it more contemporary. I wanted this feature to be more visually exciting but have all relevant information that was needed. The original design really was overloaded with text and the lack of bold, bright colours used for it made it even more bland and boring to look at.

After re-creating ‘Classic Bus’, I had a few minor changes that needed to be done. I firstly needed to align all my text to the baseline grid which I had initially created in the beginning of the creation of the magazine. Once I had aligned this I then had to make the leading and sizing of the type smaller. This made the overall look of the magazine a lot better and easier to read.

In conclusion I would say that the re-creation of ‘Classic Bus’ was very enjoyable as I learnt many new things and was able to put this into practice to create a magazine which fulfilled the brief.

– Evaluation

I was very pleased with my final 2 images for this 2nd assignment and felt that the techniques that I had obtained and developed, I will definitely further exercise them to my full potential.

The first image I created was something that I have never done before, however with the various lectures and tutorials (on surreal psd) I was able to execute this really well which resulted in my final image. The pen tool was something that I have had previous experience with prior starting the course, however I feel that through the different workshops I was able to develop this skill a lot more.

I enjoyed creating the vexel/vector image as I challenged myself into creating something that wasn’t my normal work. This enabled me to gather a lot of research and further investigate on how I could go about creating the piece. I did struggle with the piece, especially when it came to creating the hair. This was overcome by using another technique which was suggested to me by my lecturer in the final critique we had before submission.

My 2nd image was also a theme that I had never tried out before but felt confident that I could execute it really well. I decided to attempt a sci-fi digital manipulation theme but keep it very simple and minimalistic. I believe that the simplicity of the piece made it more of a success. The framing and positioning of the stock images also worked well together.

I would say that there is a significant development in my Photoshop skills that has enabled me to create my final images to a very good professional quality. I have enjoyed the course as I will be able to use and further continue developing the skills I have obtained, and somebody use them for my  future career.

– Image 1: Vexel/Vector Final Adjustments

Before the submission we had a final critique on our work and it was suggested that I look into adding highlights on certain areas on the image where the light would hit, which I currently didn’t have on.

One of those was the lips, I went back to the original image and noticed a slight highlight area on it.


I also added additional adjustments to bring the entire image together.


– Image 1: Vexel/Vector Hair

I initially started creating the hair sung the pen tool and then adding a stroke using the brush tool. I found myself doing each individual strand which took a while to do and also didn’t have a clean finish that I was aiming for.

I then went back to the original tutorial i was following and decided to use that method of creating the hair and see what the end result would be.