– Creating The Magazine: Long Feature 2

Now that I have decided on the design for my long feature I began to create it in Adobe InDesign. This went very well as I had already created my short feature and with the help of the lectures that explained the basic principles of InDesign. I recorded the steps in which I took to create my final long feature spreads.

I firstly decided to use the same colours as the original design, however changing the intensity of the colours made it more appealing and more contemporary without changing the target audience. I situated the title of the feature on left hand side to try something different, which was successful and visually exciting.

I then began to add the text which was the same typeface and font size as the previous short feature article. This was done to keep a consistent  look throughout the entire magazine re-creation.

Whilst adding the text, I decided to add the page number as well as the magazine website at the bottom of the page. The colour choice of this was determined on the colour of that page. For example, the page number and website name on the next page was created in a white colour as the background was a lot darker and needed to stand out.

Whilst adding text on the next page, I felt that to add more visual elements to it I would break up the text and add a few elements to achieve this.

The next few pages used the same colours but the visual approach to it was a little different.


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