– Creating The Magazine: Long Feature

My long feature was based on the feature that was very prominent in the original magazine. The feature was based on a historical bus which they explained about in great detail throughout the article. I chose to re-create this feature as I really didn’t like the layout and they way the information was structured for the target audience to read.

The structure of the feature was very bland and didnt have a lot of order to it, as there were chunks of text that related to certain images placed in an organized way. The typeface colour and format, I also felt needed to be developed further.

For this re-creation I again wasn’t trying to change the audience but merely to make the information more accessible and easier for my target audience to read.

Before I started on the re-creation I looked at a wide range of article layouts and the way in which they presented a block of information to their readers. This would enable me to gain ideas for my own design.


Looking at the above images of the different magazine spreads I was able to draw up a few ideas for my own design for my long feature.


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