– Image 1: Vector/Vexel

I decided that I would challenge myself for the 2nd assignment and choose something that I have never done before, but feel that I can execute well with practice and time. Creating a vexel/vector portrait is all about using a combination of the Pen Tool and Soft Edge Brushes to achieve a 3D like quality image.

To further help me on the creation of my first Image, I used a variety of Photoshop Tutorials that explained how I would go about creating a vector/vexel image. Below are the links.

– http://www.surrealpsd.com/vexel-style-portraits-part-1/


After reading the tutorials on how I would be creating my image, I was able to identify one key aspect that would help me make my image a success as well as the creation of it run a to easier. This was to create blocks of shapes that represented each aspect of the image. For example; to create a face, I would start of by using the Pen Tool to trace the outline of the face. This would then be done for the hair, eyes, eyebrows etc. Whilst continuing to read the tutorial I was able to know how to apply colour whilst creating the image.

Now that I felt comfortable with creating my first image I began to look for appropriate stock images. I initially came across two images that really stood out for me, however the main problem was the hair which I felt was just a little too complex for me to execute.

I continued browsing through deviant art to find the appropriate image and came across an image of a model which I was comfortable using and had many other factors that I liked about it.


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