– Evaluation

I felt that this assignment really put my creative and thinking skills to the test. I was able to demonstrate practically the knowledge I have gained through other modules and put them to the test.

Firstly, I went about creating my poster designs based on the research and understanding of what I felt the brief was telling us to do. Using this information I went about creating my very first own poster design. I decided to stick with the typical ‘clubbing’ poster design. Once I had shown this to a professional for critique, he suggested that I look more into the previous entries and try to create something that didn’t ‘scream’ club. I took this information home and decided to research further into ways in which I could could do this.

I felt that the second design idea was a success, the choice of colours and layout worked really well and I was more than pleased with this design. I felt that I would have taken this forward but tweaked it a little bit more by adding the information provided as well as using another image as a focal point. In preparation to changing this design, I then noticed that I had not used the colour palette that we given. I also came to the conclusion that there was just not enough space for the information that was needed to go on the poster. Another major set back to this design was the fact that the poster design was steering away a little too much from the audience. Even though I wanted to create the simple, yet visually exciting poster I had to bare in mind that the Ministry of Sound audience still had to be targeted. Having this all in mind I decided that I would change my whole concept and revert back to ‘the drawing board’ for ideas.

After viewing many of the previous entries, I then began to jot down a few ideas of a concept that I had in mind. I wanted to create a very sleek, minimal poster design that caught the eye of the audience by the choice of colours and design concept. Looking at the colour palette given, I recognised that the main colour was purple and I wanted to use this as the main background colour to all 3 poster designs. This would be a way of recognising each design, almost like a trademark. Slowly but surely I pieced together the official design concept for Ministry of Sound. The concept had minimal elements to it which was something that I had in mind from the start. The choice of colours used was from the colour palette given, however I decided not to use all of them as I felt this would be a colour overload but selectively choose the right colours that went well. I also used them in an effective way that again would be recognisable for the target audience.

I continued my devlopment process which involved me selecting the text colour, arranging and positioning the information etc. I felt that this all needed to be done to bring the whole concept idea together and make it successful.

The final major tweaking to each poster design was the use of a textured background and the image situated in the top left hand corner. The plain purple background to make needed a little something extra that allowed it to stand out. From a previous lecture in my Advanced Photo Manipulation module I used the technique learnt there and implemented into my design. I used the texture of a rough paper, almost like a poster texture pinned up to a wall. This gave a very nice effect which I was pleased with once I had managed to set it correctly.

Overall I would say my poster designs were a success and if I had a little more leeway into the colour choices I would have gone for a more subtle approach. However saying this I liked the final outcome.

Evidence of submission:


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