– Creating The Magazine: Short Feature

My short feature was based on the Q&A section in the magazine.


Below are the problems that I felt the short feature had and which I was going to improve on.

  • Images used to take up space
  • Title of the feature does not stand out as much
  • A lot of other irrelevant information

Using my critique on the feature, I was able to create a short feature that was more clear for my target audience to read and understand, as well as keeping all relevant information.

Designing the short feature was very simple in the fact that I had already established a clear layout design of what I wanted to do and just needed to turn my sketch into the ‘real thing’. I decided to stick with the colour theme the magazine used as I liked the choice of colours and felt that with a few adjustments I could make it more successful. I created the border on the side of the spread using the rectangle shape tool which I had no difficulty in doing. I then incorporated the dotted line look into this spread using the same technique. The dotted lines were used to separate the different columns so that the information which was going to be placed there would be easier to read.

I used the serif typeface ‘Times New Roman’ for the heading, to tie in with the old style theme of the magazine and to look more presentable. The speech marks used within the title were to add extra detailing to the audience and make them more aware that the feature was is a Q&A page.

Whilst deciding what information to keep, I noticed that there was an email address that was provided for the audience to send in any questions they had. I thought that this was quite important so i situated this information at the top of the page in a black box which enabled it to stand out a lot more. This was created using the typeface ‘Times’ in an italic format.

Adding the text was simple to do as I had already designed the layout and knew the colours I was going to use. For the main body I used the San-serif font ‘TW Cen MT’. This was the same font used in my news feature which I felt looked presentable and user friendly. The title of the question as well as the question is in a blue colour, whilst the answer is in black and the name of person in a yellow colour. Keeping the colour theme consist throughout helped the overall look and made it more eye-catching and appealing. To further differentiate the title of the question from the main body of text, I made sure that it was in a bold format. I also done this to the name of the person and added an extra detail to it by making it italic.

I finally added page numbers and the magazine website at the bottom of the page.


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