– Creating The Magazine: News Section

The first pages I decided to create for my magazine was the news section. To begin this section I looked at the existing news section which ‘Classic Bus’ already have and saw many ways in which I cold improve it without losing the existing target audience.


  • The layout of the news section is very cluttered
  • No order with the information
  • The images that have been used, seem to have only be used to fill up space
  • Too many different colours used which make the overall layout very confusing and overwhelming
  • Title hard to see

Using the key points above I began to improve the layout design of the news section. I knew that I wanted to keep the same target audience, but wanted to make the information more presentable and easier to understand and read.

The overall look for the news section was inspired by a bulletin look. My news section was mainly about the events that was happening that was related with buses, this made enabled me to present the information in the news section in that way. I decided to keep the colour theme as green, but also decided that I would have two main shades of green and keep the headings in a black bold format.

Creating the boxes for where the information would be presented in was pretty simple to do. I simply used the rectangle tool to create the initial box, and the clicked on the yellow icon on the box which allowed to me round the edges off to make my final look. I added a border on each of the boxes to separate the information and create an overall clean finish look. Using the rectangle tool again I was able to create the underline underneath the title.

I used two main font typefaces for the entire news section; Vani and TW Cen MT. I decided to use a serif font for the title of the page, as I felt it had a very clean look about it and tied really well with the old style look of the magazine. The sans-serif font was used for the other information mainly because it was easy to read in different colours. I differentiated between subheadings by adding a bold effect on it which again would make it easier for my target audience to read.

In the original news section there was a dotted line used which I really liked and thought added a little something extra to the whole design layout. I continued using this in my own design which worked really well and brought the entire layout together.

Final News Section:


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