– Development: Final Tweaks

I wasn’t entirely pleased with the whole outcome of the poster design. I felt that a little more additional development needed to be done on it.

I took my poster design into Photoshop and began to add a few final touches to it.

I wanted an icon that was recognised by all, which was related to music in some way. This made it more easier for the audience to be able to relate to the design idea and also not to stray away too much from the initial concept of the poster.

I then later added break up lines again just for a little clarity and separation which I felt worked well here, and didn’t distracted the attention too much.

The final major touch up to my poster was the background that I had now added. I needed to tone down the brightness of it, as well as add something a little different to it.

I added a rough paper texture to the design which brought down the colour opacity a little bit and still made each element of the design stand out, which I believe was a success.



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