– Mood Board

To generate ideas for my second assignment I collected various images to create mood boards that illustrate the style of work that I like and have a high interest in.

Surreal Landscapes:

Vector/Vexel Portraits:

Matte Painting – Sci-Fi:

Digital Manipulation – Sci-Fi:

(All images taken from Deviantart.com)

In the first mood board I am looking into digital manipulation that has a surreal effect about it. I am highly interested in this style as it visually exciting and always has the audience on edge with what the image is really about and the concept behind it. I particularly like the landscape aspect of it, as you are able to experiment so much and create new sceneries which are out of the ordinary.

The vector/vexel mood board is something that I haven’t tried before but would like to experiment a little further and see what I can produce. I like this style of work as the detailing in the image really gives you an idea of what the image would look like if it was ‘real’. It is also very fascinating and breath-taking to look at.

The next two mood boards are based on the same theme however created in different ways. The matte painting style is again another way of creating a scenery with different components to create something extraordinary. The digital painting mood board is something that I would be more comfortable I would go for, however the sci-fi theme is something that I have not tried creating before and I would possibly go for to challenge myself.


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