– Cover Design: Research 2

I again looked at more cover designs to gain a few more ideas for own re-design. At first I attempted to look into magazine covers that I felt was successful in the same field as the magazine I had chosen. I found this to be a slight problem as many of the design covers I did come across, I wasn’t particularly pleased with. I then continued to look at magazine covers as a whole and came across a website that displayed the best magazines of 2008.

Below are examples that I felt worked well visually:

This design worked well for me due to its simplicity. The title of the magazine is clearly readable and the colour palette works well in relation to the main image. The serif typeface used is consistent which makes the whole cover design very sleek and formal.


What I like about this cover design is again the colour palette used is consistent throughout the entire design. The name of the magazine for this issue is in relation to the colour scheme. This seems to be a very effective technique that I will try out and possibly use in my own design. The layout of the cover design is organised well, which gives a nice balance.


This cover design caught my eye immediately due to the image. The image has such a presence that makes the whole design visually exciting. However the name of the magazine behind the image isn’t something that I feel works as well. Unless the audience is familiar with the magazine, I find it very hard to read. In saying this, it is a creative way of displaying text on a magazine cover.


This was yet another cover design that caught my eye straight away. The illustration is very elegant and ties well with the typeface used. The duplicated title effect works well here and is something that I particularly find interesting to look at.


The structure of this cover design works well in keeping the audience’s eye focused on everything. The information at the top with the image at the bottom works well. The use of lines to differentiate the articles is also another effective technique.


This cover design has a lot more text to it, but still has the right balance that doesn’t over power it. The use of different typefaces work effectively here. The information that is not in a horizontal way, also adds an interesting element to the overall design.


Images source: (http://www.scribd.com/bandal%C3%A9mu/d/6189875-Best-Magazine-Covers-of-2008)


I will now begin to sketch a few ideas for my cover designs. In my sketches I will focus primarily on the structure and layout.


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