– Development: Text Colour

I decided that I was going to go with the purple background colour. Not only was it the main colour that Ministry of Sound now use,  but it was very versatile in the fact that it could be related with both male and female audiences.

I then needed to work on the colour choice of the text. The poster design at the moment had a very formal and corporate look to it, which wasn’t something I was going for. I again experimented with a range of colours provided on the colour pallette as well as different shades of these colours. I already knew that I wanted the main text to be a different colour to the text that would be situated at the bottom of each poster.

I noticed that the white text worked really well with the purple background, so I decided to go forth with that idea. I wanted to make each heading stand out. I wanted to keep a consistent font size, so I altered the heading colour to see what the outcome would be.


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