– Cover Design: Research

I chose the magazine ‘Classic Bus’ as it stood out to me in a negative way, especially the front cover. As a requirement for the brief we are to create a minimum of 3 cover designs. There are many negative aspects to the cover design that I have listed below to help me start the design and idea process for the re-design of the cover.

Original Cover:

  • The typeface of the magazine title is very bland. It is written in a very classic font which I feel works well with the content of the magazine, however it doesn’t do much in terms of grabbing the eye of the audience.
  • The colour choice can be worked on
  • The price, date and issue number of the magazine is not very clear due to the image being used as the background on the cover
  • A lot of information on the front which I feel is not needed and draws the attention away from the image on the cover

Although the cover is very cluttered with text, I feel that images, use of colour and the positioning of these elements will make the design visually exciting and stand out.

I will use the points I stated above as well as research to improve the cover design and create 3 successful designs that will attract the target audience.

Cover Design Research:

I looked into different cover designs that I felt really stood out and caught my eye. Below are a few examples.

With these two ‘Vogue’ cover designs the main image grabs the eye straight away. I believe this is due to the high colour contract the images display. There is a lot of text evident on the cover designs, however the positioning and layout of this text works well and frames the main image which again I believe is a technique that I can implement in my own design.

(images taken from: http://www.jigneshbapna.com/tips/top-10-car-magazines-in-the-world.html)

The above cover designs are all car magazines. What I generally like about each design is again the use of one image that is framed by the text which allows it to stand out. The colour choices are very vibrant and consistent throughout the whole cover design. A range of different type face size has been used in all cover designs to emphasize to most important text. This is another useful technique I will attempt to implement.

The next step will be for me to continue researching different cover designs and then sketching a few ideas with detailed analysis of what and where I would like things to go in terms of design. I will include possible colour choices, typeface, size, images and any other relevant information.


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