– Design Idea: Two

Looking at previous examples of Ministry of Sound posters and my previous design idea, I wanted to change the whole concept and go for something different. I wanted to move away from the typical club designs and opt for something that makes the audience wonder what the poster is about as well as reading into it a bit more.

Having this idea could be very challenging as I don’t want to completely steer away and lose the audience Ministry of Sound currently have, but in fact create a whole new look and feel to what they currently do.

This design concept is very simple, but still has elements to it that I feel stands out from a typical Ministry of Sound poster.


Although I do like this design there were still a number of flaws that made the idea unsuccessful and fail as a poster.

  • The colour palette used for this design did not correspond to that of the Ministry of Sound.
  • No space for the text
  • Although the typography was considered a little more in this design, it still needed a lot more work to it.
  • The main image diverts the attention greatly from the important part of the poster design.

I then looked at previous entries for the same brief to gain some form of understanding as to how I can make my own successful.


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