– Design Idea: One

In this design I tried to come up with something a little different, but still have elements of a poster that can be related to ‘clubbing’.

I wanted the audience to still be able to relate as well as have something fresh and new.

After creating this design I noticed many flaws and other elements to the design that needed to be improved on as well as things that I needed to take out.

1) The chosen typeface for the words ‘Saturday Sessions’ wasn’t as visually exciting as I would of liked it to be. Itw as very plain and simple, which in some cases does work, however did not in this case.

2) The logo in the top left hand corner was the only indication that it was related to Ministry of Sound. Either making the logo bigger or positioning it in a way that it was possible to be seen from a distance would have improved this further.


3) Looking at the rest of the design, I noticed that I had not left enough space for the information that was needed to be on the poster.

4) The entire idea of the poster really wasn’t focusing on typography, which was the crucial aim of the whole assignment.

Overall the design needed a lot of work on. I had a meeting with a professional who helped me improve on it. It was suggested to me that I completely elimante the typical ‘clubbing’ design idea and focus more on the typography, as the brief was very adament about this. He also recommended that I look at previous entries to see the sort of work that they produced, to give me more of an idea of where I could possibly take this to.

On saying this, I changed the whole concept and created something which I believe was different.

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