– Tips For Making Your Business Work


– Having a clear vision about what your business is about and the kind of work you do is crucial, as well as this sticking to it is also important. This will lead to more of the kind of work you are interested in and want to do.

Get Advice:

– Someone with experience and knowledge in running their own business can be beneficial as you can ask questions and gain some knowledge and skills. They may have been through a similar problem that you can find answers to.


– Getting your pricing structure right is key. Undercharging will ultimately lead to failure. Setting an hourly rate in relation with your expertise and level of experience and then using this as a guide is a foundation to start on.

Do not be afraid to say no:

– Saying no to a project when you feel it isn’t right for you and expressing your opinions to a client is a good thing when done politely. You are in charge so getting your voice heard is the main thing.


– Building up contacts as well as approaching people who you are interested in working with is very useful. The more contacts you have the easier in the long run it is for you to get the job done and bring in new work.

Tax and accounting:

– Making sure money is put aside for your tax and N.I every time you are paid is something that should be done. This will vary depending on what you earn. Using an easy accounting software and/or a good accountant will make it a lot easier.


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