Art Piece 2 – Development

With the second art piece I had many ideas that I wanted to execute. I really felt that the ambient effect I previously experimented with was something I could take forward.

I decided to go along with that and try to create a surreal theme using the stock images provided as well as a few others.

I created an art piece that I wasnt too pleased with for many different reasons.

Firstly the main problem was the composition of the Ninja image. He seemed to be out-of-place, this was due to the scaling of the image and the positioning. I felt that these two aspects needed to be worked on to improve the image.

The next major setbacks to this image was the use of the Clock and Song Book images which I had previously used in my other Art Piece. As the brief stated, we could not use the images twice and looking at the other stock I could not find anything that would work well in this piece.

Another problem with the piece was that as an overall concept it didn’t quite make sense. A lot of the stock was randomly placed which made it look uncomfortable and awkward.

I came to the conclusion that I was going to create something very different, with different stock images as well keeping the theme very simple but still along the surrealism effect.



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