– Magazine ReDesign: Prep.

After having a few lessons and tutorials on how to use Indesign I began to think about how and in what way I will recreate my chosen magazine. I noticed that the magazine was very informative and detailed which is something I wanted to keep as this is the main attraction to the target audience. However I feel that with the informative information given it quite a bit and there isn’t enough images to go alongside this. This will be one main aspect that I will recreate. The layout of the magazine also is in a very bland and simple format which I will again develop and make more into a visual magazine where the readers can gain the main information as well as have many images to view with this information.

The front cover of the magazine is what drew my eye, but for all the wrong reasons. Again I will work and develop this to create 3 front cover designs that is eye-catching and visually exciting as well as keep in context with what it is trying to sell to the audience.

I looked at a few magazine spreads that gave me inspiration in going about this assignment and how I could re-design my chosen magazine.

Images from (http://tranquiltownhouse.blogspot.com/2011/06/cool-magazine-spreadaka-look-what-my.html)

Image from (http://www.xraymag.com/articles/xray_v5n6_xcatalog_pro_fig01_big.html)

image taken from (http://www.fanpop.com/spots/twilight-series/images/2772297/title/twilight-ok-magazine-spread-photo)

image taken from (http://cityonfire.us/portfolio-magazines.html)

Looking at all the magazine spreads they are all very informative and have detailed information, however I could say that they are all visually exciting as well as they are full of colour and vibrance and the way in which the information has been laid out with the use of images make this work as a whole.

These useful techniques I will implement and develop further in my own magazine designs.


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