Magazine Content Analysis


Using two magazines, design a feature story for one in the style of a feature from the other. You should not imitate an existing feature, but seek to simulate how magazine “A” might handle “B’s” content. Text and headlines should be real (you may find text but not images on the internet so bring some with you). Strive for a similar density of text and images across pages.

Below is an image of the final magazine spread that I created.

I used the following articles to create the above spread.


Overall I was pleased with what I created, however there were a few changes that could have been made to improve the overall concept to a more successful one.

Firstly, I believe that the images I chose were not as strong and this could have been avoided by using high-resolution images which would have been more effective. I decided not to follow the original layout design thoroughly as this is what the brief required. I believe if I added certain other elements to my own design I could have made a more interesting layout with a lot more features that would have made it visually exciting and very attractive to the eye.

Finally, I would re-do the same spread but using a different layout spread to see the different look and feel I can create.


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