Art Piece 1

The first art piece was inspired by the Gregory Crewdson images that I previously posted, as well as the surrealism theme.

I decided to keep it very simple but yet still visually exciting with elements that make the whole piece very successful.

I firstly chose a very basic sea background, that I knew I would be able to add some kind of filter to make it look more interesting and appealing to the eye. I then decided that I would use the ‘Dummy Girl’ figure as the main element of my image. I used the pen tool and layer mask method to create a very clean background removal, which was previously shown to us in lectures.

I then added a layer mask to the figure and erased away the bottom segment of her body to make it appear that she is floating in the water. I believe the layer mask is a quick and efficient method of creating this.

The next step was for me to create a background that had more of a surreal feel to it. I tried using different filters and ambient effects but I didn’t like the results that it produced. I then decided that I will create a new layer and fill this in with black and erase the middle section of the piece, whilst keeping the edges still quite dark. This effect was simple but worked very well, as I used a large soft erase brush to allow the lighting in subtly.

Next, I chosse the songbook image to create the birds. This was very simple to do. The wings were created by using a brush which I found on Deviant Art. I created one bird image and then put all the layers into a group and then duplicated the group a few times to create many more. For the different sizes I used the free transform tool to achieve this.

I was nearly finished with the first art piece, but I still had another image I needed to incorporate. I wanted to add the other image in very subtly so with this I decided that I would create a moon using the face of the clock.

I added a overlay and a slight glow to the moon to make it more realistic. I also erased more of the black covering on the main figure to act as if the light from the moon was shining onto her.

This was done again subtly to ensure the whole piece still worked well together.

Overall I was pleased with this piece as the surreal element was definitely caught in a very subtle way.


Stock Images:

Wings Brush –

Sea Background –


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