– Ministry of Sound – Previous Poster Designs

As stated previously, I will be choosing the Ministry of Sound brief. I collected a few images of previous designs that I felt worked well in certain ways.

Below are my findings:

  • The colour palette is very strong and vibrant
  • The typeface chosen works well with the whole concept
  • Main information is bold and vibrant
  • Visually exciting
  • Main attraction situated in the front and center of the poster

(image taken from: http://www.songkick.com/posters/1350531)

  • Font and type bold and eye-catching this works well
  • Colour palette works well here
  • The typeface is clean-cut, yet has interesting elements about it
  • Important information bigger than the rest
  • Overall concept simple


  • Bold, visually exciting
  • Party theme concept implemented here
  • Logo design colour changed to fit the style of the overall design
  • Very informative

(image taken from: http://dandadministryofsound.wordpress.com/2011/12/11/ministry-of-sound-design/template-ibiza-final-a2-indd/)

After analysing the poster designs above, I noticed that there was a very definite and similar style implemented in all the designs. Each design really exaggerates on the party theme concept which I feel works well, however it gives me a challenge to do something different from previous designs.

In my next posts I will focus on my ideas and how I will change from the traditional party theme concept that they use.


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