– Re-design a magazine

Our assignment is to re-design an existing magazine. There are many considerations that have to be taken into account whilst re-producing the magazine such as; what sections might be enhanced, redsigning the magazine to appeal to a different audience or possibly attempt to use art or photography more effectively.

I started off the assignment task by finding a magazine that I felt was problematic and needed improvement. As we were not allowed to choose a well-known magazine I opted for one that was out of my comfort zone and something that I had little or even no knowledge about.

Whilst browsing through many magazines, I came across one called ‘Classic Bus’. Immediately I felt that this magazine needed improving as the front cover did not have any visually exciting attributes about it. The choice of colours did not work well in my opinion and there were various typefaces and fonts used all over the front cover that made it look inconsistent and untidy. I continued on through the magazine finding other elements that could be improved and worked on. I also visited the website to for more information and came across a very bland interface that again was not very exciting to look at and didn’t really portray the vintage style theme that I expected.




This assignment will really challenge my creative thoughts, as well develop my knowledge and skills in various design software packages that I will need to use throughout the task.



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