– QSL Card

In this lecture we had specialist come in who spoke about QSL cards as well as layout arrangement for the QSL card.

QSL cards:

– a card exchanged by amateur radio users to confirm transmission after a contact has taken placed on the airwaves.

– they are cheap to produce

– made by hand or given to local printers

– post card size

– relay visually something about the recipient/ a form of self expression.

– photos, maps etc can be used as art of the design.

– QSL cards would typically include call sign, date, frequency or band, signal time, small personal message and equipment used to make contact.

– amateur radio users collected QSL cards as evidence o13f all the contacts they’ve made

Рa lot of  amateur radio users were not graphic designers, but they wanted to express themselves in a graphical/visual way.

After finding out more about what QSL cards and when and how they were used, we were assigned a task to create our own that really represented us.

We were shown a few examples beforehand.

Over time QSL cards became more interesting and the designs and concept became visually exciting. Using this information and what we were taught in lecture I created my own QSL card that represented me in the best way possible.

Below is an image of my own QSL card.


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