– Idea Change

After creating my first idea, I decided that I wouldnt continue further with that design as I wanted to be a lot more creative. I went back to look at my research images that I had collected and began to use that as more of an inspiration for my own piece.

I came up with the simple concept of using the quotes/slogans to create each fast food restaurant logo. Below is an example of this.

Using the slogans to form the Burger King logo, I am able to create a piece that is more creative and visually exciting. It grabs the attention of the audience well.

I used the colours of the Burger King logo to identify what exactly I am trying to put across, this I believe works really well.

To further develop this I would look into the sizing of the phrases and arrangement of them. Using the same style and technique I create the other squares and analyse how they will look together as well as individually.

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