– Advertising Campaign – Initial Research

I first started my research by gathering various different images of clothing line  ad campaigns. Below are my findings.



What i particulalry like about the TOPSHOP ad campaigns is how natural looking the images are, but still put the message across to the target audience. The shots where they are taken outside in a natural environment is something that I will definitely use and experiment with to see what I can create.

River Island:


The above are a lot more ‘photoshoot style’ ad campaigns. However the lighting and the way the models are positioned work well together. Another factor I need to concisder when taking my own pictures would be the posing of my models. I also like the idea of using more than one person in the shoot. It makes the image a lot more eye-catching and the bold bright colours also stand out very well.

Heritage 1981:


I really like the Heritage 1981 ad campaign shoots. Everything from the lighting, model positioning and the editing are all very subtle however grabs the target audience’s attention. What stands out for me in the above images would be the editing that has been done on the image, which is very minimal and works well in this way.

New Look:


In these images you can see the garments very clearly and also gain a slight feeling as to who the target audience is. I need to be able to market my ad campaign to the desired target audience.



The Forever21 ad campaigns further show to me how they attract their target audience. These are things that I will need to take into consideration to make my own ad campaign a success.

I gathered a lot of images from various clothing labels to see the different ways in which an ad campaign can be executed to attract their target audience.

The TOPSHOP and Heritage 1981 ad campaigns are my favourite.


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