As I am highly interested in the surrealism and the unknown I wanted to create an art piece that really portrayed this and showed many of the skills we have learnt as well as what we are going to learn in lectures.

I first began my research on Deviant Art where I collected various images that really inspired me and I felt was visually exciting.


Surreal by ooAngelicDeviloo

This image has many elements that bring the whole piece together, however the main image (tree) stands out greatly and catches the eye which then begins to explore the image further.

Istanbul surreal by Lebannen

Again the digital manipulation techniques used in this piece work well together and overall it is an exciting piece.

The Surreal by Shadowtuga

The focal point of this art piece as well as the other elements situated on the floor allow the viewer to imagine and some what form some kind of understanding of what is going on. I believe this is a great technique to achieve as it enages the viewer and your work in an expressive and creative way.

Surreal by Robsonbatista

The simplicity and the unusual ‘random’ objects placed in the art piece gives the overall surreal effect a great success. This is something I will need to consider greatly.

After viewing and taking notes and critical analysis of the images above as well as a few others I was able to conclude that I would like to go down the direction of a surreal landscape. My idea was leaded me into researching into a Photographer who does similar work called Gregory Crewdson.

(All images from Deviant Art)

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